Isometric developed a method to take your new and old punches and dies, regardless of any kind of special shaped tip embossed, codes, symbols, or logo, punch tips that have wear or out of specs pitted corroded or scored.
Isometric can recondition & refurbish and polish out scratches, buff marks, pits,  scores and imperfections out of punches and dies  Isometric Treatment brings back original specs to manufacturing requirements or IPT standard sizes

          Before & After Photo
   BeforeTreatment                     AfterTreatment
Advantages of Isometric Treatment

1.Eliminates Sticking and picking from embossing or Logo.

2. Increases Punch and Die life 5 to 9 times longer.

3. Eliminates down time to remove and buff punches due
    to sticking chipping or  picking problems.

4. Increases running speeds to maximim run.

5. Isometric Coating will never chip off, peel off or flake off.

6. Isometric treatment will give you perfect quality tablets.

7. Isometric coating doe's not require buffing
    or polishing between batches.

8. Isometric coating  will always maintain its special ultra hard
    dense super smooth luster micro finish slippery anti-sticking

...Isometric Coating is FDA Approved...