Punches & Dies

ISOMETRIC COATING distribution is uniform overall surfaces regardless of any kind of special shaped tip  embossed, codes, symbols, or logo. Highly sensitive controls are used to accurately control the uniform deposit.

Another feature of isometric coating process is the ability to apply it to thin delicate embossings without deformation or distortion. It's high heat stability is extremely good for abrasion, corrosion, and wear resistance while still furnishing salt, alkaline, acid, and solutions resistance.

Isometric coating will always maintain its special ultra hard, dense, super smooth luster, micro finish, slippery anti-sticking surface unlike uncoated or chrome plating processes.

...Used Punch Before Treatment..
...Used Punch After Treatment..
It Will Solve All Your Sticking, Picking, Chipping, Capping, Corrosion, Friction, Wear, & Ejection, Problems Without a Formulation Change